Volkswagen New Suv Ideas You Should Try Out For A Drive

Volkswagen New Suv

Volkswagen has launched a couple of new SUVs during the year 2020 which offers a ton of features that help keep the passengers entertained along the way. When it comes to passenger count and cargo space, no vehicle can beat an SUV. SUV lineup vehicles are versatile, luxurious, and has an elegant class of its own. Manufacturing the comfortable vehicle with a turbocharged powerful engine, the SUV lineup reaches a new height of speed and luxury. Volkswagen recently launched a few SUVs that are royal, and reliable. These vehicles continue to put the sport in a sport utility vehicle. Volkswagen new SUV does justice to what an SUV should be capable of. Whether it is a large number of passengers or cargo space, the recently launched Volkswagen new SUV has got its customers covered.

Volkswagen New Suv Ideas – Volkswagen Taigun

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Taigun has a sporty look and doesn’t fail to maintain the driving dynamics of Volkswagen. It is a small SUV with a seating capacity of 5 passengers and has impressive amenities such as a digital cockpit and LED headlights and 4 MOTION driving modes. The newly launched Taigun is a petrol engine with automatic transmission and the cubic capacity of Taigun is 1498 cc. It 4 cylinders and the fuel capacity are 65 liters. Taigun is 4200mm in length, and the wheelbase is 2650mm. the top speed is 183 kmph and reaches 0-100 kmph in 9.9 secs.

Volkswagen T-Roc

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Volkswagen T-Roc is an automatic petrol engine car with a cubic capacity of 1498 cc. its max power is [email protected] and the max torque is [email protected] It has 4 cylinders and it is a front-wheel-drive type. The fuel tank capacity is 59 liters. The T-Roc is 4234mm in length, 18119mm in width, 1573mm in height and the wheelbase is 2590mm. Both front and rear brake are disc type and the steering gear type is rack & pinion. The weight of Volkswagen-Roc is 1350kg and the gross weight of the vehicles is 1860kg.

Volkswagen New Suv Ideas – Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

Tiguan Allspace is a spacious vehicle that offers seats for 7 passengers along 3 rows. It has a massive boot space of 1274 liters and has an elegant panoramic sunroof. The cubic capacity is 1984 cc, max power is [email protected] and max torque is [email protected] The fuel tank capacity is 60 liters. Tiguan Allspace is 4821mm long, 1839mm in width, 1674mm in height and the wheelbase is 2787mm. Both front and rear brakes are disc type and the steering is electromechanical speed-sensitive power steering. The weight of Tiguan Allspace is 1780kg and the gross weight of the vehicles is 2410kg.


Volkswagen new SUVs are luxurious, spacious and their engine performance is also excellent. Due to the best driving dynamics of Volkswagen new SUV, the experience of driving, stability, handling, and acceleration is enhanced greatly. If you are looking for some efficient options then Volkswagen should be your first choice considering how efficient it can be when you take it out prolonged trying to be specific.

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