The Best Maserati SUV Model

Maserati Suv Model

Owning a Maserati is a dream for many. People earn for a lifetime to earn a Maserati SUV model. Maserati is the epitome of luxury. You can get the best of the luxurious designs along with the best performance in a Maserati SUV model. Maserati launches most of its cars in the sedan segment. However, there is only a single Maserati SUV model which is to envy for. Its name is Levante. If you are a Maserati lover or luxurious car lover, you must have heard the name of Levante beating all its competitors in and around for the luxury and performance. Let us look closely at some of its features. 

Why Invest In A Maserati SUV Model?

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If you are planning to buy a Maserati, you should invest in the Maserati SUV model Levante. The design, comfort, luxury, interior, performance and the parts that it is made of are unbeatable to any other model. It looks very royal as well as elegant to look at. There is definitely no competitor for this Maserati SUV model in the market other than itself. There are four variants of Maserati SUV model Levante namely Levante Trofeo, Levante GTS, Levante S, and Levante. Let us compare all four of them in various terms. 

  • Levante- It has a maximum power of 345 HP, the maximum speed of 156 mph, acceleration of 5.8 sec, maximum torque 369 lb-ft. It has a V6 engine and AWD traction.
  • Levante S- Featuring the V6 engine along with AWD traction, it can reach up to the maximum speed of 164 mph. This Maserati SUV model has a maximum power of 425 HP, maximum torque 428 lb-ft, and acceleration 5.0 seconds.
  • Levante GTS- The engine layout for this Maserati SUV model is V8, and it has AWD traction. The maximum power, speed, and torque for this car are 550HP, 181 mph, and 538 lb-ft respectively. It has an acceleration of 4.0 seconds.
  • Levante Trofeo- It is the latest, most popular and certainly the best Maserati SUV model. This car can reach up to a maximum speed of 187 mph and has maximum power and torque 580 HP and 538 lb-ft. The acceleration of this car is 3.8 seconds. It has a V8 engine layout and features AWD traction. 

Where is the Maserati SUV Model Made?

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All of the Maseratis, including the Maserati SUV model Levante, are made in Italy. Specifically in Bologna. It is the centre for producing the most luxurious cars ever. 


Since long ago in history, Italians are known for their royal taste. Be it art, architecture, food, or cars. Their taste has always been extremely royal. Maserati cars, especially the Maserati SUV model Levante is one example of their royalty with a touch of modernity. There is hardly any competitor of Maserati cars for what they deliver. The latest Maserati SUV model Levante Trofeo is equipped with all the latest and advanced technologies. If you are considering buying a Maserati, it can surely be your choice. You can find all the details about it on the internet, and you surely will fall in love with just the image of it.

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