Tesla Electric SUV- Have The Best For Yourself

tesla electric suv

Electric vehicles are becoming predominant in all markets. People are getting attracted to electric cars these days. The best part is that electric vehicles are cleaner than normal vehicles, thus contributing to saving the planet. Moreover, there are many reasons why electric vehicles are ruling the high class. Electric vehicles have a smaller carbon footprint than gasoline-powered cars. It doesn’t matter where your fuel comes from, and your vehicle will create less pollution. For a better climate, electric cars are better than normal cars. The advantage you get out of electric cars is that they can be charged anytime and anywhere, at home, at work, or while you do grocery shopping.

The leading brand among electric car Tesla. This company is solely based in Palo alto, California. The innovation done by Tesla is worth seeing. So, today we have listed the two models of Tesla electric SUV that you can buy for yourself. Without wasting time, let’s dig in and see the Tesla electric SUV for yourself. 

Models Of Tesla Electric SUV That Will Leave Your Mouth Open

2021 Tesla Model Y 

Tesla Model Y is a fully compact electric SUV. It can be recharged at home. See the pros and the cons


Numerous standard features 

Autonomous driving abilities

Has spacious interior with great cargo 


Recharging takes longer than pumping gas

The tiny third row is too small for adults.

2021 Tesla Model X

A close up of a car

This Tesla electric SUV has semi-autonomous driving and full-driving optional. See the pros and cons.


Instantly available acceleration and speed

Configurable passenger and cargo space 

Available self-driving 


Few options for personalization

Lack of apple car play and android auto

Not a plush inside as top rivals 

Tesla electric SUV is one of the leading electric cars worldwide. Even there’s a very less circle of the population who can afford Tesla electric SUVs. These tesla models X and Y are described above. All the pros and cons are mentioned above, so it makes it easy for you to buy things easily without any problem. 


A man driving a car

Everybody has their own dream that one day they will have their own car. But in today’s world car is just not a passenger car. It is more than that. Cars have developed so much that they do not even require fuel to get operated. Among all the companies that make electric cars, Tesla has won the race. Tesla has evolved tesla electric SUVs models X and Y. both of them are compatible much. Also, there are many benefits of using electric cars. You can check out these models on the tesla site and even book them online. 

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