Porsche Electric SUV

porsche electric suv

A bigger Porsche electric car would certainly give the Model X some serious competition. However, it seems as if Porsche has not been willing to give up its trademark high-end performance. In fact, as we recently saw with the Panamera, a new mid-engine sports car, the company is still trying to find a way to make its vehicles fun to drive. As for other vehicles to strengthen Porsche’s EV portfolio, Meschne mentioned another rumored cross-trainable SUV model based upon the Mission E Cross Turismo Concept.

Why would such an electric car work? Because of its zero-emission power plant. Not only does it run on electricity, but it could also use other alternative energy sources besides gasoline, such as solar or wind. Porsche claims that the battery pack and motor will be optimized for a maximum output of electricity rather than maximum horsepower. That is why the car may have a hybrid system as well.

About New Hybrid System

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It should come as no surprise if a hybrid system is used in the new Porsche. As previously mentioned, it is expected that the first production model would be limited to producing between twenty thousand and thirty-five thousand cars. Less than one hundred have been sold so far. As demand picks up though, more models should follow. Right now, there is only one model in the world that can do both.

In order to get power from the batteries, the electric motor will need to be linked to the transmission. It would be an innovative and advanced engineering feat, one that has yet to be duplicated. For anyone concerned about the environment, that alone should be a good reason to buy the new Porsche.

Gas Systems

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When the gasoline is used, the engine will burn some fuel, releasing emissions. The waste gas produced by the motor will then go through an exhaust system. It will be expelled through a hole in the hood.

The waste gases produced by the Porsche engine is just a small fraction of what a typical passenger car produces. In fact, it is so small, it would not be possible to see it. If you did happen to be driving behind one, you would not notice anything at all. On the other hand, the electric powered car does emit a lot of pollution into the air. There are regulations in place today that force car manufacturers to include an exhaust system in new cars.

Environment Friendly

An EV or Electric Vehicle is clean technology. It is also a very fast and a silent vehicle. When the driver is charging the battery, he can travel faster than ever before. He can double the miles per gallon that he currently averages. More importantly, it would cut the emissions that are currently being emitted into the air by half.

For people who want to be environmentally friendly, the Porsche electric car is the perfect choice. They can use the car for short distances, as well as for longer ones. People would not have to worry about the gasoline consumption anymore.

One Time Investment

The first question that would pop up in anyone’s mind is – What if I buy one? The answer to that is that you would have to spend about $5000 on the purchase, and you would be able to drive around in your very own Porsche for years to come. You would have to install the necessary equipment beforehand. This would include charging your batteries and the computer system.

When you go out on a Sunday, you would not be able to find someone to share driving with. If there were enough people around, then it would become addictive. This is why one needs to be responsible enough when he purchases this type of automobile. Although they are expensive, you will end up saving a lot more in the long run. It will pay for itself within a few years.

The price range for this type of car is anywhere from a couple of thousand dollars to four hundred thousand dollars. However, it depends on which model you would be getting. There are a two-door sports car version and a four-door sports car version. The two-door car has more room, while the four-door has more space. All in all, the difference between the two is noticeable.


Another important feature that you would have to check for is the warranty. The warranty would cover the parts and labor for the repairs that you will be doing. This means that you do not have to worry about going out to the shop and spending money on labor. In fact, you would not have to spend even one cent out of your pocket on the repairs. You will just have to focus more on the maintenance and on how to care for your newly purchased Porsche.

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