Mercedes Electric Car Features – Adds Reasons To Buy It

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The automobile industry has been growing a lot over time with more and more exciting models coming into the market. There have been brands now who are prioritizing sustainability and under environmental protection, the theme has been taking a great step towards success. The automobile industry is however targeting to have fully electric models of cars and other automobiles that would change the scenario of the world by 2030. It is undeniably one of the most luxurious yet worthy versions of electric cars. With people giving so much attention to the electric cars, you might as well in this the money in the right brand. 

Mercedes Electric Car 

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There have been many companies releasing electrically operated cars like Tesla, Audi, Mercedes, and many others. The Mercedes Electric Car has been gaining a wide range of popularity among automobile lovers with more and more people being in love with the new Mercedes EQS series. Here are some of the information regarding Mercedes’s new release of the electric car. 

The Luxurious Look

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Mercedes have decided and is all set to release the Mercedes Benz EQS in the year 2022. The car would be a sedan-shaped car that would be having the most stylish and luxurious look. The look of the new electric vehicle would surely leave people in the awe of it. It can be somewhat resembling the S-class. However, Mercedes needs to have a hats-off gesture for releasing such a greatly designed electric vehicle with respecting all the sustainability factors. The exterior design of the vehicle has some LED stretches at the frontier part which looks just perfect. 

Mercedes Electric Car Features

The Mercedes Electric Car of 2022 does have some great features apart from just being called an electric vehicle. Speaking of some great electric features of this Benz EQS model, it must be worth noticing the fact that this electric car is just the next supermodel with having all the latest technology inside. This electric-driven vehicle would be having a proper navigation system that would be using great electric AI intelligence to calculate the required speed, time to reach the destination, charging stops nearby, and even the weather conditions. This Mercedes model unlike any other electric vehicle would have a quick charging boost feature. The noise reduction inside the vehicle and even outside is greatly worked upon. 


The new Mercedes Electric Car of 2022 would be having some of the latest safety technologies too. There would be two versions of charging models – AC charging ( fully charged in 11 hours) and DC fast charging (charged in just thirty minutes). The vehicle would be having keyless entry, adjustable braking system, different driving modes, parking assist, high beam assist, driving assistance, biometric authentication, wireless smartphone connectivity, automatic doors, and many more. This has been the craziest technologically advanced car that would be great to amuse people. The pricing of the car is yet to be revealed. However, apart from all the functionality, the car is expected to give great comfort for people traveling.

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