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The most reliable SUV for most drivers is the Ford Focus. The Ford Focus has set the bar for most reliable small vehicle out on the road. With Ford’s Focus, SUVs have been revolutionized by offering buyers more options and room than ever before. Smaller and less bulky SUVs score higher with average annual repair rates much lower than the typical $ 620 average across all SUVs. The redesigned Ford Focus has received high marks from consumer reviews, making it the most reliable small car on the market today.

The Dodge Ram

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The Dodge Ram receives the best reliability ratings of any model in its class. The Dodge Ram offers plenty of features and options to keep passengers comfortable. From large suv features such as Power Steering Power and Treadlift Assist to passenger amenities like LATCH and Occupant Position Sensors, the Ram offers more than many of its competitors. In addition to all these features, the Ram receives the best reliability awards. Dodge expects drivers to give the Dodge a family-friendly rating, and to expect daily usage out of the Dodge. The Dodge also offers the lowest average fuel consumption and the best resale value of any full size car.

The Toyota Prius is considered one of the best all-around suvs on the market. The all-electric vehicle runs very economically and is easy to care for, thanks to straightforward styling and excellent performance. Gas mileage is projected to improve as the hybrid version gains access to more advanced technology. While the majority of consumers cite the Accord as their favorite vehicle, the Prius is very close behind, garnering good reviews from most survey participants.

The Ford Focus is a good example of a reliable suv in this list of top ten most reliable suvs. With its five-door coupe, it is fairly small in comparison to many other vehicles in this list, but it manages to maintain a high reputation. It is one of the least expensive choices in its class, but offers outstanding value thanks to its sleek styling. Surprisingly, the Focus holds the distinction of being the second-most reliable suv in this survey.

One of the surprises in this top 10 list of most reliable suvs is the Dodge Challenger. Despite its compact nature, the Dodge Challenger manages to be one of the most comfortable and versatile vehicles in this segment. High-performance tires and a powerful engine mean that the chasers can take on the go, even when city life has them wrapped in cotton. Though smaller than many other options in this segment, the Chrysler Challenger holds the distinction of being the second-most affordable entry-level vehicle. As it gains more popularity with each year, the chaser family will probably see a larger crop of replacement vehicles come down the pike.


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The Ford Highline and Toyota Highlander were recently voted the most reliable SUVs in a major consumer test. Although the Highlighter scored higher than the Honda Civic, it came away with a score less than the outgoing Toyota Corolla. Most of the vehicles that fell short of expectations fell short because they were not reliable enough to earn a place in this top-rated list. The Japanese vehicle simply holds its own when it comes to dependability, so you might not want to pass up the chance to buy a reliable and dependable high-end vehicle.

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