Ford Electric Truck to Ride the Off-Road

ford electric truck

One of Ford’s most popular models is the F-150 truck. It’s a high performance truck with plenty of power. The Ford truck has been around for decades and there are many different makes and models. One of the most important parts of the Ford truck is its front end, especially the truck’s front end. That’s where a lot of the handling is done. That’s why it’s important to have a good truck top.

There are several different sizes, and lots of different options. Some are rear-wheel drive, others are 4 wheel drive. You can get a smaller battery and a larger battery in the same truck.

How Long To Go?

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For a lot of people, the big question is how long can you go with a full-sized electric truck? The answer is pretty simple. About 230 miles, actually. Anything longer than that and you’re taxing the battery too hard. That means less power, and more expense and frustration. And yes, you will be spending more money on the purchase because you will be replacing the standard battery with an extended-range battery.

But even if you don’t go over the limit of 230 miles, you shouldn’t be worried too much about using up your existing battery pack. If you use the standard battery, you should be able to go over 300 miles. And you can always just add an extra battery to make that stretch even further. That’s another reason to buy a truck with a lightning engine: the ability to go almost anywhere.

Check The Factory Standard

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Ford’s official website states the factory standard for the f-150 is still a 3.5-liter Ecoboiler. That’s good, but most truck drivers are going to be looking for something a little bit beefier. The Ecoboiler, with its twin-cylinder, direct-injected Ford V-tech gasoline engine can put out serious torque. There’s even a six-speed automatic transmission! Of course, the Ford F-150 won’t be able to haul anything too heavy; but it will carry a lot of weight on its own, especially when it’s pulling a standard-size trailer.

The biggest advantage to this type of electric pickup truck is that it can handle rough terrain better than a standard model. If you have a lot of stuff around without a tow vehicle, this will come in handy. Ford says the new Ford F-150 will be built for those who need extra space in the bed of their truck. A new entry level model will have the same curb weight as the company’s first truck, the f-150 and prototypes.

Look For The Prototypes

Speaking of prototypes, one prototype model is called the Ford F-150 Lightning. The new electric truck will have similar headlamps to the latest Nissan trucks. They’ll also use HID lamps. The Ford f-150 Lightning concept has been around for awhile but it never got a release. It may be a good bet that the company will eventually release a production model of this innovative truck.

One other detail that might make the f-150 lightning’s debut a success is the addition of a new air suspension system. High-performance air suspension will help the truck accelerate better but it will also improve passenger safety. Some Ford truck enthusiasts were concerned that Ford would cut back on its aerodynamic profile in favor of a sleeker body style. The company has denied this, however, and the f-150 Lightning’s new air suspension should help maximize fuel efficiency.

Lot Of Care

On the other hand, it won’t look much like the off-road models of today. We’re assuming that Ford’s engineers took a lot of care when designing the new Ford F-150 Lightning’s design and not just focused on the electric truck’s practicality. It should have some sort of racy appearance to it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be pretty. The new air suspension is an excellent addition and it will help Ford’s truck excel on off-road excursions.

So let’s get down to business. This isn’t the last we’ll see of the f-150 lightning, by any means. If you are a fan of Ford trucks then you know that they are constantly coming out with exciting concepts and upgrades. But for now, let’s just concentrate on the new air suspension system and perhaps how it might improve passenger safety.

We’ll leave the engineering details for another time to discuss how the Ford F-150 Lightning’s air suspension system works. As mentioned above, it features Ford’s new V-motion dual-axis air ride system. In combination with the truck’s shocks, this allows the truck to perform better when it comes to off-road excursions.

Wrapping Up

The Ford truck isn’t the only truck in North America with the new Ford V-motion dual-axis technology. Toyota also has its own line of electric motors and trucks using the technology. So we’ll have to wait until more announcements from these companies to learn if the Ford F-150 Lightning is already producing better off-road performance than its competitors.

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