Fisker Electric SUV – The Best Version Of SUV You Should Choose

fisker electric suv

Based in California, Fisker Automotive is one of the world’s top vehicle-manufacturing companies famous for its luxury plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. It was the first company to manufacture such a design, and it mainly focuses on solid-state battery technology. In 2012, Fisker got suspended from manufacturing vehicles due to its battery supplier’s bankruptcy, A123 Systems. In 2016, the Wanxiang Group renamed the company of Fisker Automotive to Karma Automotive. Henrik Fisker (founder and former CEO) retained the trademark and logo, and he launched a separate company, Fisker Inc. Are you looking for a new SUV to purchase? And are you an environmentalist? Here’s a list of few essential things to know before you buy a Fisker Electric SUV.

Fisker Electric SUV Basics

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Substantially, the Fisker Electric SUV model allows for smaller battery packs and faster charging times to provide the most enhanced user experience. Although the release of the official Fisker Ocean SUV is still a few years away, the unveiling has revealed some of the significant alluring features of the electric SUV. These features are mentioned below.

Fisker Electric SUV Engine, Range, and Performance

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The 2022 Fisker Electric SUV will solely power on electricity, offering a two or all-wheel drive. The SUV has two motors, one up at the front and the other at the rear. The quickest model version proposed will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds. There will be multiple powertrain configurations, and the range will be from 250 to 300 miles. A lithium-ion battery pack will store the energy at a capacity of 80 kilowatt-hours.

Charging And Battery Life

Costing considerably less than other all-engine counterparts like Audi e-Tron and Jaguar I-Pace, the Fisker Electric SUV claims to be the world’s most sustainable model. This future electric vehicle will be compatible with most EV charging stations and consist of longer-range batteries. Also, since Fisker Ocean SUV is partnering with Electrifying America, consumers will receive a currently unspecified amount of complimentary charging.

Fisker Electric SUV Interior and Comfort

Fisker is currently claiming to create a range of models that combine electric mobility with a stylistic flair. Official production images of the new Fisker Electric SUV only reveal certain external angles of the car. The model’s top view reveals a full-length solar roof, and the grille has a carbon-fiber-like appearance. The company says that the interior composes of environmentally-conscious materials, like carpets from recycled waste, recycled rubber, and other vegan-friendly elements.

Clearly, if you have preferences as we have listed above, you should definitely be choosing this electric SUV but check out for the budget before you do.


The 2022 Fisker Electric SUV claims to be one of the most luxurious models in an overly simplistic manner. The Ocean has a low starting price of $37,400. The company will also allow a lease-like subscription plan, costing $379 per month. To purchase the model in the future, it does require an up-front deposit of $2,999. The Fisker Ocean model aims to compete with already-established top electric-car models like Polestar 2 and Tesla Model Y.

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