Excellent Product Quality for It Is Sturdy, Durable, Stainless Steel, Waterproof and High Resistant!

We know that our cars are made up of advanced technology. Various sensors are used to display information about fuel, engine performance, and many other essential aspects of cars.

So, the oxygen sensor is one of these products which are used in cars to estimate the proportional percentage of oxygen in liquid and gas. Good oxygen sensors are one of the reasons for the better working of the engine of your car. 

Oxygen Sensor Adapter Eliminator Test Pipe For Cars is one of the choices for your car. It works so effectively and deep in the article we have explained its specifications and other aspects that will help you to know about it more.

Oxygen Sensor Adapter Eliminator Test Pipe For Cars

This o2 sensor for cars is manufactured of high-quality metal and plastic. It helps the engine work efficiently with a perfect air-gas ratio. It also benefits to enhance engine response and performance. This Oxygen Sensor Adapter Eliminator Test Pipe For Cars is durable and strong. It can work effectively for a long period. 

While using this o2 sensor, make sure not to use extensions as they frequently do not work; it has a small catalytic converter built into it. The post o2 sensor will remove the catalytic converter and raise temperatures and huger flow of burnt fuel. Sometimes after removing your catalytic converter or amending it, you have to check in the annoying engine light. 

Well, this inbuilt miniature catalytic will help you to get rid of it. For any queries related to this, you can contact customer service and get your problem solved. This kind of sensor is best to use before traveling. An oxygen sensor that starts working badly can be harmful to engine timing and the exhaust system. Also, when it is at the advent of malfunction,, the car starts consuming more fuel, which can harm other components of the car. So it’s important to keep check-in it’s working.


  • Brand name: Tirol
  • Sensor type: Photoelectric
  • Measuring range: No
  • Hysteresis: No
  • Sensitivity: No
  • Linear: No
  • Repeatability: No
  • Resolution: No
  • Name: oxygen sensor
  • Type: o2 sensor
  • Type 1: O2 Sensor Adapter
  • Keywords: oxygen sensor snag
  • Keywords1: oxygen Sensor Adapter
  • Keywords2: oxygen sensor lambda adapter
  • Keywords3: lambda probe
  • Material: SS304, Stainless Steel Filter Mesh
  • Thread: M18 x 1.5
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  • Superb, for a long term use
  • Highly durable
  • Best for mechanics purpose 
  • Ideal to use before traveling
  • It consists of an in-built miniature catalytic converter.
  • Good quality material used.
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  • A bit sensitive, I need to use it carefully.
  • Start consuming more fuel if damaged. And can harm other elements also. 


Nowadays, cars are manufactured using various technical methods, and various new features are being introduced with every new car model. That’s why it has become crucial to take care of all of your car’s requirements. This oxygen sensor will benefit in many ways. It will make your work engine effective and of course, if you are fond of traveling, then it is an advantage for you.

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