Enjoy Your Ride with Mercedes-Benz Extended Mobility Car Battery Charger

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The new Mercedes-Benz EQS, unlike the older interpretation of the Mercedes EQA, is more than a sporty SUV. Rather, it’s the complete opposite, a small family car capable of handling off road conditions and urban commute just like a large family sedan. Compared to the outgoing Mercedes EQA, the new EQS is tamer in its appearance. Its long fenders are gone and in their place are sharp, low rims that offer sporty performance. The sides have been lowered fifty percent and the front air vents have been positioned high along with a slightly redesigned rear bumper that highlights the sharpness of the new grille, air vents, and the signature air ducts.

Old-style Mercedes-benz Models

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Individual Design While compared to the old-style Mercedes-Benz models, the new EQS sedan is clearly a modified GLS Class using a completely redesigned roofline. A new, smaller model design from the ground up, much like the EQA, would appear sporty with unadorned proportions. Instead, it’s loaded with features. The most obvious is the quadrant rear air vents. The twin chrome trims on the front end to give the EQS a sporty look while the same chrome trims are also present on the front end of the Black Label models of the EQS as well. On the rear end, black panel packaging in front and rear fender packages provide sharp looks.

Available Base Options 

A car parked in a parking lot

One of the best ways to get started when converting your Mercedes-Benz E Class electric vehicle is to replace the standard rear window with electric-powered one. Mercedes offers several varieties, including models that will work with both electric and standard gasoline engines; however, you’ll likely find only the electric version offered at this point. If your car has a standard gasoline engine and you opt for this option, you’ll get a black panel rear window with black trim on the top. The same is true for models with standard gasoline engines but fitted with an electric motor.

Top Speed Potential

 The gasoline powered SUV models in the Mercedes-Benz lineup have been known to offer exemplary fuel efficiency and performance, thanks in part to the high torque and power developed by the engine. The gasoline models are now joined by a series of sportier alternatives, including the S-class model of the B-P brand and the new CLA and X grade, which combine class and performance in a way never seen before. A sporty, fun-filled model such as the Mercedes-Benz E Class adds real appeal to its siblings. That said, you may feel more comfortable opting for the less powerful models if you plan to cruise at top speeds. These are available in the gasoline-powered versions of the E and S class models, as well.

Range Anxiety 

Many people who purchase an electric SUV are concerned about its range. The jaguar iPAace and the mercedes-benz ipace have received mixed reviews regarding their range. However, the new model from Mercedes-Benz has received good reviews from reviews sites and auto magazines all over the world. In fact, many customers said that their new electric SUV was more reliable than the gas-powered versions.

Last Words

Convenience of charging An all-electric car does not mean you should not enjoy your trip. With an extended range of up to 600 kilometers, Mercedes-Benz continues to deliver performance cars with all the conveniences for complete mobility. Depending upon the model, an adapter is required for charging the battery of your electric vehicle. Most of the adapters are compatible with the universal voltage system, AC/DC, or the plug in hybrid system. No matter if you are driving long distances or just going to the office, charging your electric car can be done without hassle with the new universal charger that is compatible with most of the Mercedes-Benz cars.

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