Characteristics Of The BMW Electric SUV

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When it comes to lavish cars, the BMW name is always there. They have produced amazingly lavish cars for their buyers. Further, the German company is all set to launch a BMW electric SUV in the summer of 2021. It is an iX3 all-electric SUV. However, BMW’s first electric SUV has little difference from the combustion models in the visual appearance. On the other hand, the first series electric i3 hatch featured a distinctive design that made it stand out in a crowd.

With the iX3, BMW embraces the increasing acceptance of electric vehicles as a mainstream vehicle and is also seeking to increase that acceptance by offering a driving range of 460km on a single charge.

New Battery In The SUV

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In the constructed X3 floor pan, the iX3 features a flat lithium-ion battery composed of 188 prismatic cells. According to the manufacturer, the energy density is approx. Twenty percent higher than the previous versions of BMW.

Further, the battery weighs 518kg, giving the entire vehicle weight of 2,185kg – 310kg less than the slightly longer Mercedes EQC with the same size battery.

According to the 74 kWh net capacity, the BMW iX3 battery delivers up to 460km.

Maximum 150 kW Charge Rate

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BMW’s fifth-generation electric drive technology also includes a new charging unit, which supplies the 400-volt battery and the 12-volt onboard network.

Moreover, the charging unit allows single- and three-phase charging with up to 11 kW, but the DC fast charging capability of up to 150 kW is a standout.

Thus, implying that the high-voltage battery can be charged from 0-80% within 34 minutes and 100 kilometers of range added in 10 minutes.

Adjustable Recuperation

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Further, the BMW iX3’s energy recuperation adapts to traffic situations using the driver assistance systems’ sensors and navigation data.

Further, whenever the car is approaching an intersection, a speed-limited section of route or a vehicle is in front. Then the iX3 recuperates as much as possible. Also, it performs on an open route as soon as the driver moves his foot away from the accelerator pedal of the car.

However, if you don’t like this feature, gear position D can be overridden by selecting high, medium, or low recovery. Further, those who wish to adjust the propulsion without a brake pedal (one-pedal driving) can set the selector lever to “B” to choose high recuperation performance.

Interior And Technology

Inside, the iX3 gets acoustic feedback thanks to the “IconicSounds Electric,” a debut for BMW electric vehicles. Its advanced operating system version 7, delivered from a 12.3″ instrument cluster behind the steering wheel and a 10.25″ central touchscreen, allow access to controls. Still, the vehicle also offers the option for voice control and multifunction buttons on the steering wheel.

BMW’s “Live Cockpit Professional” adds digital services including Google Assistant, Google Maps, Android Auto and Apple Carplay, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Whatsapp.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, we can say that it is a wonderful car and we are looking forward to actually witness this SUV with our eyes.

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