Are You Having Trouble With Hanger Alignment? Worry No More! Get This Now And Issues Will Be Solved As Fast As One Click!

The previous thought was that the Hanger Alignment Gauge is a shop-only item used by shopkeepers, and that too very occasionally. Nowadays, since the sprocket spacing has become tighter and frames become lighter, tools like the Hanger Alignment Gauge have become more common to use. Hanger Alignment Gauge might seem like a complicated tool, but its functions are simple to use by anyone. As long as the hanger is tight, the wheel is okay, and the hud axle is straight. You have to be extra careful that you don’t overstress the material you are working on. The aluminum work-hardens on repeatedly bending, which means it becomes increasingly brittle the more of the fiddle. 

Typically Hanger Alignment Gauge is a pivoting gauge used to measure the arm’s distance from the rim of the rear wheel. It is not that hard to use a Hanger Alignment Gauge, and nowadays, you will find plenty of online videos that will help you use the tool better, anytime and anywhere.  

Hanger Alignment Gauge-For Professional Repair Measuring Tools

There is no play in either you can deflect both by pressing lightly on the end of the tool. That may be what another reviewer was mentioning. To bend the hanger requires a slight bit of force. No matter how you turned the hanger, using the tool, and repeating it as necessary, you quickly had it back into the alignment. So get this fantastic Hanger Alignment Gauge tool right now. 

Now let’s dig in to know about the tool’s pros and cons so that you will get to know about the product in more detail.


  • This tool is straightforward to use for your derailleur hanger issues.
  • The material used to create this is strengthened aluminum and hardened by the treatment of heat.
  • Its design is fully furnished and very dashing.
A close up of a black background


  • Machining and clearances in the tool are not as precise as you expect them to be. 
  • The more expensive manufacturers are, the more adequate the device to perform well. 


The overall length is the same as the general appearance. The Park model is made so that the square bar is oriented 45 degrees from the Cyclospirit one. The Cyclospirit is made so that you pull on a flat surface. Technically, but you pull on the two flat sides. If you have ever tried straightening out a bent hanger and nearly gone crazy doing so, you need one of these. The amount of aggravation saved by using this tool well makes it worth the price.

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