6 Extremely Beneficial And Stunning Features Of Sportz SUV Tent Model 84000

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Sportz SUV tent model 84000 is a kind of camping comfort that can transform your SUV into a camping site. It seems interesting and adventurous. With Sportz SUV tent model 84000, it feels like you can make a home wherever you want. This model is interestingly designed with an extendable awning and a screen room, looks like there is room for adventures. You will also observe a special feature that a hatch connects with direct access to your main tent. Know more about its amazing features. 

Know Why You Should Have Sportz SUV Tent Model 84000

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Comfortable Tent

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Sportz SUV tent model 84000 includes 2 large doors, 2 overhead skylights, and 3 windows for proper ventilation. It is a very spacious tent of 10’x10’ and at least 6 adults can sleep there comfortably. The screen room of 6’x7’ allows a bug-free view and a styling dine-in arrangement. And the best part is that there is quick and easy access to the vehicle for additional security.

Versatile In Nature 

Whenever you wish to leave your campsite with your vehicle, you have an option to turn your vehicle tent into a ground tent. And, there is an extendable and optional awning with your tent which provides you extra living space with shade.

Protection From Weather 

The structure of Sportz SUV tent model 84000 is made in such an amazing way that it provides you total protection from the weather. It has a full rainfly over with taping of seams. And, doors and windows which are formed with built-in storm flaps provide you additional shelter from the rain. For protecting the tent from high winds, it has a sturdy structure having guy lines.

Easy Setup 

It is specially designed in a way to make the setup easy and effortless. You only require 15 minutes to set up the tent. The sleeves of the tent which are elastic fit perfectly at the back of the SUV and adjustable straps ensure a watertight fit.


The tent directly gets connected to the cargo area of your SUV which creates additional storage and sleeping space for you. It provides power outlet connections which helps you in keeping your devices charged. Another feature that makes quick and easy storage is an extendable carrying bag.


The tent has a warranty of 1-year from manufacturing and is made with polyethylene. A good quality polyester taffeta provides you the assurance that your tent will last for a longer time.


If you are searching for a tent to transform your SUV into a camping site, then this Sportz Suv tent model 84000 is perfect for you. All its characters ensure that it is comfortable, durable, storage-friendly, versatile, and provides weather protection to the campers as well.

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